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October November 2002

Rotine Distributors

Welcome to Newsletter No. 18

Well, we have finally done it! We are now on-line! Come and visit our site at


The site is still under development, and will evolve over the next couple of months. Our web page designer has set his creative cap at a different angle, and we hope that you like his ideas. If you like our site and would like his help for your own site, let us know and we will put you in touch with him.


If you wish to, orders can be placed on-line via e-mail. Go to


Another new development is our expanding use of computer technology in regard to pricing our goods and sales.

We are now introducing . . . . . . . Retail Manager, for our Point Of Sale software. MYOB is still handling the accounts and BAS side of things.


Some of you are probably wondering what has taken us so long.


Both of these families of products are available from us on request. There is also a series of upgrades available to move you from one type/version to another, as you require more features. We can also arrange for extra licences for MYOB Premiere, and Retail Manager.


Dion Scott of Air Brake Systems of Hornsby was the winner of our competition that was drawn on 2nd October 2002, by Mr Garry Cunich who had arranged for the prize pack. Thanks Garry for your help.

We hope that Dion will enjoy staying at his choice of accommodation, and enjoying some fine dining.


The following were the weekly winners, each receiving a $10 gift voucher.




Access Asphalting






Fiegerts Ice Works









PDS group



All Inboard & Outboard



Auto Bake









Schaffler & Assoc



Halvorsen Boats









McIntosh of Mosman


There are still some of the gift voucher winners who have not been in to collect their certificate. Please do so before the deadline approaches.


We would like to thank all those who entered our competition.


If you are receiving this NewsLetter via e-mail, we have probably used your address from the entry form. To inspect our Privacy Statement, please go to our web site and click on the link on the bottom of the Home page.


If you wish to have your name removed from our database, please send an e-mail with the word "Remove " in the subject line.


To celebrate the start of our web page, all orders received via e-mail, to a value of $30 or more, during the month of October 2002, will receive a gift.


Next Newsletter we will have another competition. Watch out for it. We have some great prizes lined up.


Dormer Tools

There has been a bit of a shake up in the drill and tap market. Dormer Tools has taken over the distribution of their own product in Australia.


There has been a small increase in the price of these cutting tools, and we can no longer absorb this increase. All discounts will remain in force without alteration.


Dormer has long been recognised as a leader in the drill and tap market. Whilst we admit that Dormer tools are a little more expensive, you can be assured of buying a quality product. As with all tools, you only get what you pay for.


If you desire a different brand, we are happy to buy in for you. We can get in most other brands of cutting tools, either in HSS or carbon steel.




The latest Kincrome catalogue is now out. If you haven't received one, please either call in, or ask for one to be posted out to you. We hope to be able to e-mail them in the near future.



Master Brand Padlocks


Something different. Beside the ordinary, common padlocks, Master produce a range of speciality padlocks,


- like the Python lock. This is the world's first fully adjustable locking cable, with a three position lock. The cut resistant, 100% braided steel braided cable is 1.8 Metres (6 feet) in length. Longer cables are available.

$65.95 incl GST


- or the Receiver Lock. This lock is designed to replace the pin on Hyman-Reece tow hitches. No more missing tow hitches! Leave the hitch in place.

$52.80 incl GST


Buy either of these locks during October and get 10% off the price by mentioning this NewsLetter.


Endeavour Tools

The inaugural catalogue from Endeavour Tools is now available. They have the Big Boy Blow Gun on special for $12.25 incl GST. These are normally $18.60.


Grab a copy when you are next visiting.

Bush Fires

As most of our regular customers will know, Christine and Bob are long standing (28 years) members of the Rural Fire Service. As this summer looks like shaping up to be a hot, dry one, one or both of us could be called out into the field. If this happens, we ask for your patience as Bec and Kate will be probably run off their feet.


Air Tools and Compressors

In this catalogue we have a range of air tools and compressors to suit budgets of various sizes, from heavy-duty trade tools to the home handy man. Ask for your copy when you next call in. Not all items are stocked, but we will cheerfully order in any item for you. Delivery is usually overnight.




Another catalogue is the TradeQuip Workshop Wonders. This features a range of different products, including the ever-popular "Jump Start Battery " at $149 incl GST.


Once again, not all products are stocked, however we are happy to obtain them for you, usually overnight again.


Have you heard this one?

A guy walks up to a bookie and says, "I b-b-b-backed a f-f-f-five t-t-t."

The bookie interrupts him and says "Mate, there was no five to one bets in the last race, go away."

The guy tries again a few minutes later, saying "I b-b-backed a f-f-five t-t----"

The bookie, "Look mate, there was no Five to One in the last race, but I'm in a good mood. Now, here's $20. Get lost".

The guy walks away, shaking his head. He bumps into to a mate, and says. "That bookie over there, he's a nice guy. I tried to tell him that I b-b-backed a ff-f-five t-t-tonne truck into his R-R-Rolls R-R-Royce and he gave me $20 and told me to get lost".


Christmas Is Coming

As the big department stores are getting the Christmas decorations out now, and the supermarkets are selling toys etc, we thought that we should think about our Christmas and what time we will be closed for.


We will be closing for holidays on Friday, 20th December 2002 and re-opening Monday, 6th January 2003.



  Well, until next time,


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