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News Letter #17
June July 2002  

It has been some time since we produced one of our newsletters.  To make up for this we have a great competition. The prize is SIX DAYS free accommodation at a holiday location or a couple of days at different locations.  More to follow in the competition section. 

Kate.  Have you met our new member of staff, Kate?  Next time you are in the area, stop by and say hello to her.   

A Bit of History

                Did you know that we were in Hunter Street for over 10 years?  The company has been in operation for 33 years, first opening our doors in 1969. In the years that Mitchell's have been open, we have moved the business from Lane Cove to Artarmon to Hornsby. This was our fourth move;  Christine says that we are never moving again.

We have now been in Leighton Place for 18 months and we are still settling in.  Some items are yet to find a permanent home.  We still have jobs left from our original to-do list.


                Have you seen the stand in our shop with the plastic drum on it?  This is the Safe Pour Stand, manufactured in Western Australia.  It is available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel.  This great invention makes the decanting of liquids etc from bulk containers into smaller amounts safe and easy.  No more spills or costly compo claims from twisted and pulled backs hurt whilst lifting and pouring.  

Priced at $160.oo incl GST.

Talking about Occupational Health and Safety, we have a range of floor mats.  There is a range of stock sizes available, or we can have them made to order.  Depending on the type of traffic and what sort of industry you are in, we can supply a mat to suit.  Included in the range are fixed stair treads, which go on the nose or leading edge of the tread, and are coated with an anti-slip finish.

An accountant is a man hired to explain that you didn't make the money you did.                                 Anonymous


Or want to have a couple of mini holidays?  Well then, enter our easy competition.  No working out cryptic clues, no puzzles, no anagrams well not this time anyway.  We have a holiday booklet up for grabs.  Spend a couple of nights at different places for a total of six nights.

Every purchase made between 17th June 2002 and September 30th 2002 greater than $40.00 including GST, receives an entry form. Small amount cash purchases made on the same day cannot be added together.  Account holders: each order, valued at $40.00 or more, counts for one entry.

Eligible sales that are sent out on our carrier, will have an entry form attached.  Simply fax or post back the completed entry form to be in the running.

Simply complete the form and place it in the box. 

The drawing will take place on Wednesday, 2nd October, at high noon.  Please come and watch. 

The prize must be taken by June 2003, and cannot be exchanged for goods or cash.  Your only commitment is to pay for Breakfast and Dinner at the property of your choice each day of your stay.  We take no responsibility for any fees that you might incur beyond what is included in the prize. Any booking must be made in accordance with the conditions set out in the prize booklet.

A note to Business Owners, Purchasing Officers, and Managers. 

Please decide if it will be your employees or the company who receives the prize.

The name on the entry form, when drawn, will be winner.

No correspondence can be entered into, nor is Mitchell's Engineers Supplies Pty Ltd liable in any way, other than to supply the Accommodation Booklet in good faith in accordance with the rules set out above, or modified at any later stage.  Any modifications to these rulers will be publicly displayed in our shop.

HAZET tools from Germany 

now available through us

HAZET hand tools are German made and of exceptional quality. They have been on the Australian market for over 20 years and we are pleased to inform you that the full range is now available through us.

The HAZET range comprises mainly sockets, wrenches, torque tools, pliers, pullers, body and fender tools, screw and stud extractors, bits, trolleys, cabinets as well as many automotive and aviation tools.

Hazet gif

HAZET tools come with a 25 year warranty on workmanship and materials.  Unlike many other brands, HAZET wrenches are mat chrome plated for a number of reasons.

      Mat chrome plating is considered the most enduring chrome plating (adheres to the steel in the best possible way)

      It gives a better grip to the tools, even with oily hands, and

      It is unobtrusive and more secure as there is no reflection from the tool surface.

HAZET manufactures also many company specific tools for some of the best-known car manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Daimler-Chrysler, Porsche, Toyota etc.

Push-in Tube fittings

We have also added some more tube and pipe fittings to our range.  As well as the brass screwed fittings, the flare and olive compression types, we now stock a range of push-in fittings.  They have a PVC body and the threaded parts are turned from brass. These are available in both metric and imperial sizes.  We also have available metric tubing, ranging from 4mm to 10mm in blue polypropylene;  this complements our black imperial nylon tubing.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.                         George Orwell


            We always receive a number of requests for power tools.  We are unable to help you with these. . . but .

            We stock a couple of brands of Air Tools.  These are Kawaski and Shinano Pneumatics tools.   Both of these are made in Japan. We also stock Trax brand tools made in Taiwan.

Come on in and have a look see.  We should be able to come up with the right tool at the right price to suit your needs and budget.

Naturally, we can also supply all the tubing and fittings to put your air supply together.  We have air compressors, filters, regulators, the fittings and the tools, plus all the other bits and pieces, as well as compressor and air-tool oils, as well as good ideas.

Text Box: Special.

 BSW Nuts - Zinc Plated - Cold Forged.

Ajax List Price  $88-00 per 100 plus GST

This month   $15.00 per 100 plus GST.
  Well, until next time,


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